Cambodia, Six types of e-businesses registration exempt

Six main types of e-commerce businesses are exempt from registration requirements at the Ministry of Commerce,

The industry is gaining massive popularity in the Kingdom as Covid reshapes consumers’ behaviours and drives a transition to online shopping, a trend that has prompted the government to explore avenues to strengthen management efficiency of the market.

The e-commerce businesses exempt from the registration requirements are – firstly, advertisers that do not list prices of, or directly sell goods to services to consumers, and are not subject to a contract; secondly, information providers involved in interactions such as negotiations that do not take deposits for their services or directly create sales contracts, such as booking services.

Thirdly are operations of individuals or sole proprietorships with revenue from the sale of goods or services below the lower income threshold of the lowest tax bracket; and fourthly are family-owned, temporary or seasonal businesses, such as those in agriculture.

Fifthly are vendors of paintings or other artworks; and sixthly are providers of online private tutoring, training, workshops or similar education services. Cambodian tech and digital businesses achieved $470 million in revenue for 2019, the Asian Development Bank reported in June.


Author: Hin Pisei

Source: The PhnomPenh Post

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Original published date: 27 July 2021

July 29, 2021